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Hello! You may notice the pineapples. Well firstly, they are my favorite fruit. Second, they remind me to stand tall, honor and adjust my crown, to protect my energy, and to remember how sweet I am when the world tries to turn me sour.

Now to introduce you to the point of this personal blog site:
As a Black women and human in this Western colonized world, I didn’t notice the ways in which I navigated the world through a lens of anxiety until I became a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I think a lot of my prior coping with it stemmed from what I have seen black folks do my entire life...avoiding facing emotional discomfort, pushing past our distress, and working hard to prove ourselves all out of the need to survive. In it self these mechanisms for being aren’t negative; however continuously pushing down and avoiding feelings has disconnected me from my body, what my emotions actually are, put me in a place of fearing my worthiness, and disconnected me from relationships. This may not reign true for everyone but if it resonates with you join me on this quest to figure ourselves out without a map and to care for our needs on a compassionate level.
Although I am a therapist, I struggle to heal and to be fully me in my personal life despite my knowledge and practice. Join me in being human and I hope we learn more about each other along the way. Join me in working through Melanin Masked Anxiety!
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