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Justice in Life?

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Is the only time we can work toward justice when someone dies?

Why can’t it be after complaints are filed for multiple instances of discrimination...

Why can’t it be after someone is called a racial slur

Why can’t it be when 911 is misused against people who look like me

Why can’t it be while folks are still alive

Maybe it can’t be because humanness for people who look like me aren’t widely recognized as human until our deaths when the folks who look like us and who love is are protesting and pleading that we were and are

Maybe it can’t be because “oh there was a misunderstanding they didn’t mean to discriminate they were doing their jobs.”

Maybe because “he is so loving in his community and nice to our Black neighbors” “He can’t be racist”

Maybe it can’t be because systems protect who they were built to protect

Maybe its because the world is simply corrupt and hell bent on the ownership of black bodies in some way or another (whether taking our labor or taking our breath)







Honestly it doesn’t matter. What matters is we are human and actions against us are fundamentally wrong and evil.

I can’t imagine conversation with one’s self when your heart is fundamentally wrong and evil

I don’t want to. It seems to be the place where nightmares are made

Where Black bodies are destroyed out of a self serving agenda to make yourself feel better.

You need someone to blame, blame it on the black body?

No, I’m sick of it!

I want justice in life.

Yesterday after learning of the most recent injustices from my instagram feed, I took a walk outside in my rural white town. Something that is freeing but also anxiety provoking for me. Yesterday, I did it without hesitation in honor of the lives lost. We cannot be contained. We can take up space. I want justice in life! Find ways to exercise your being today whether that is expressing love to those in your life, engaging in a form of fitness, setting time to feel your emotions, journaling, or taking up space in the world however you prefer.

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